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Solid State and TWT Amplifiers From 1 MHz to 40 GHz with Power Levels from .1 mil Watt to 2.5 Kw

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Welcome to RF Amplifiers.Com. If you require an RF amplifier chances are we offer it. We have been in the RF Microwave amplifier business since 1976 and offer an extensive range of both commercial and Military rf and microwave amplifiers. If you can not find the RF or microwave amplifier that you are looking for, please call or please call or send us an email request


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 Single Carrier,  Multi-Carrier,  Laboratory RF Amplifiers,  Multi octave,  Narrow band, &  Microwave Amplifiers for both commercial and Military applications.


Bi-Directional amplifiers for increasing cellular telephone range

Class A Linear Amplifiers 1-2000 MHz
1 watt to 50 watts

Low Noise Amplifiers


Wideband And Ultra Wideband RF And Microwave Amplifiers


Multi - Carrier RF Amplifiers


TWT Traveling Wave Tube RF Microwave Amplifiers


Test and Laboratory RF Microwave Amplifiers

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RF Microwave Amplifier Selection Guide
  Solid State Class A Broadband High Power RF Modules
1.0 MHz to 1.0 GHz


 Bi-Directional amplifiers for increasing cellular telephone range
  Multi - Carrier Linear Power Amplifiers AMPS/ CDMA/ TDMA/ GSM ( HD14042 To HD14940 )
  TWT Amplifiers, Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers from 1 Ghz to 18 GHz from 10 to 60 Watts CW
  TWT Amplifiers, Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers from 1 Ghz to 18 GHz from 100 to 500 Watts CW
  TWT Amplifiers, Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers from 1 Ghz to 18 GHz from 1.0 Kw to 2.0Kw CW
  TWT Amplifiers, Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers from 18 Ghz to 40 GHz from 5.0 to 150 Watts CW
2.4 GHz Bi-Directional Amplifiers for Wireless lan Indoor/Outdoor applications
  5.8 GHz Bi-Directional Amplifiers For Wireless Lan Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  20 MHz to 20 GHz Multi Octave & Ultra Wideband Amplifiers
Low to Medium Power Solid State Amplifiers from 1 MHz to 10GHz  Gain of 13dB to 40 dB Including our HD24223 100MHz to 10 Ghz Amplifier
  2.0 to 4.0 GHz Narrow Band Amplifiers 10 to 50 DB Gain
  1.0 to 3.0 GHz Wide Band Amplifiers 13 to 55 dB Gain
  5.8 GHz 30 watt solid state power amplifiers circulator protected
  Wideband Solid State Class A Amplifier modules 1-2000 MHz/2-50 Watts @ 1dB
  Wideband Solid State Class A Test and Laboratory Amplifiers 1-2000 MHz/2-100 W benchtop and rackmount
  Solid State Class A Amplifiers 0.5-26.5 GHz Medium Power ( HD12495 To HD12512 )

Solid State High Power Class A/B Amplifiers in a Rack Mount Cabinet with power supply
  Pulse Amplifiers from 1.0 to 18 Ghz from 200 Watts up to 8 Kw

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Additional Amplifiers at other frequencies and power levels are also available .
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